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Exchange a helping hand for a room (Los Angeles)


Hi! My name is Clara Lindh Bergendorff and I’m a 21 years old Swedish girl who has fallen in love with Los Angeles. I spent three months in California this spring and I would love to go back for a few more months this fall.
I work as a freelance journalist but since I don’t have that much jobs/tasks it would be ideal for me to “work for accommodation”. I would love to help out with anything from babysitting to cooking, housesitting or running errands in exchange of somewhere to sleep. I'm ambitious and responsible.
I’m independent but also very easy to get along and having to do with. Since I already have friends in L.A it wouldn’t be a problem for me to leave and stay somewhere else every now and then if there are dates when it doesn’t suit you to have someone staying at the place. I’m looking at staying in the area for about three months, arriving in the beginning of September, but I’m flexible also with that.
It would be fantastic to hear from you, and please spread the word if you know someone else who could need a hand or has a room available.
All the best, Clara Lindh Bergendorff

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