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Getting a casual job in L.A. (Los Angeles)

Hey guys,

I'm about to go to L.A. sometime within the next 3 months to do a working J1 visa for a year. My visa application is currently being processed through an agent.

I'm just curious, how easy is it to get a job at a restaurant, Starbucks, or for that matter something like McDonald's over in the US?

I'm 22 and have 8 years experience in hospitality, if not the service industries with many transferable skills...

I realize that these are all quite basic jobs but I reckon, comparing it to somewhere like Perth where I am now, I reckon with a bit of luck you could safely get a similar job to these within about a week or two if you were serious with finding local employers and had a decently written resume.

What do you guys think? How are employment prospects in the US? Just curious! :)

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