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How to start... (Los Angeles)

Hi Everybody,

As I will arrive in a few in LA (but this applies for every city in the US I guess), I have few questions in mind. I would like to share them with you and get your feedback because you may have experienced the same:

1- what is the easiest way to get a used car (personally, my budget is up to $3, Protected content insurance rapidly?
2- I would like to get a prepaid sim card for the days before taking a plan (AT&T or Verizon) as I have my phone (so do not need one). I have checked on their websites but cannot find the way to get it...
3- I may open an account (in BoA as my Uni as a partnership). Do you know what is the best option for an exchange student? Not sure I will need a credit card yet.

Should you have any other important fact to be considered, do not hesitate to share!

I hope this may help some people in the future


(i hope my post is in the good place in the Forum...I thought it was the most relevant place)