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How to use LinkedIn to attract job offers to you (Los Angeles)

Did you know that our LinkedIn summaries are quickly becoming our most important tool for advancing our careers and marketing our skills?

That’s because first impressions have gone digital: people are learning about you online before they ever shake your hand. As soon as they know they’re going to meet you or have a phone conference with you, they’ll start their online research.

And LinkedIn is often the starting point for that research.

I am re-writing my Linkedin summary to better differentiate myself on my market, attract the right audience to my business and inspire them to take action.

There are several guides out there about writing a LinkedIn profile summary, but I particularly love the article below.

5 basic steps to write a LinkedIn Summary
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I believe this will help those who want to build their networks, attract potential employers in Los Angeles or inspire recruiters to contact them.


Jean-Marc Dedeyne
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