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International Success and Personal Branding (Los Angeles)

Branding is about being authentically and strategically “you” in terms that are relative to your audience.

In this interview-style audio class with Peter Sterlacci and Kimberly Bordonaro, you’ll discover simple steps and important insights on how you can create a multicultural personal brand that allows you to stand out while still fitting in.

You’ll get expert advice from Japan’s very first personal branding expert on what everyday entrepreneurs can do to build a brand that breaks down cultural barriers for international success, including:

“We” vs. “Me” Cultures: How to Be Yourself While Respecting Others
How to Get on The Express Elevator to Career and Business Success
Secrets to Branding Yourself as Part of a Team (Without Being a Show-Off)
Cross Cultural Awareness and Relationship Building: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know
The Must-Have Tools for Creating a Multicultural Brand
What Japanese Kimono’s Can Teach You About Revealing Your Authentic Self
Personal Branding with a Spin: How to Inject Passion Into Your Brand
3 Action Steps You Can Take Today to Create a “Culturally Safe” Personal Brand

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