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IRS Phone Call "Scam" (Los Angeles)

Hello Global Minds!
Just want to make the greater Los Angeles community (and any taxpayer for that matter) aware, that there has been a string of phone calls by supposed "IRS" agents, in the past few months, alleging that they will threaten legal action if you don't pay within a certain time. Please know this is a complete SCAM. Do not reply or talk with these people. IRS does NOT operate that way, and you would be receiving a letter and NOT a phone call. This happened to me, I called the number they left on my voice mail, and it turned out to be an unconfirmed end user, and I was not happy!

Especially for people who are uninformed, newcomers to the states, this can feel especially daunting as you might think you are obligated to respond. Just know, if any doubt, that you can call up your local police department to have them check for you, or have a lawyer friend confirm.

Other similar calls (this recently happened to me too), is when someone from "federal government", states that you have been awarded a special grant in the sum of xxx. In this case I immediately demanded to speak with this person's supervisor, and he could not provide one!

So, be careful, and tell you friends and neighbors:
DON'T give in to these scams!


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