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Looking for a position in L.A.! (Los Angeles)

Looking for a position in Los Angeles (full-time/part-time)

I'm originally from Hungary & Israel.

I have a degree in Business Administration, I majored in Marketing and marketing communications. I also have a background in Arts, Art History, Interior Design and Films. (My profile here on the site, includes a brief Resume)

I am fluent in English, Hebrew, Hungarian, also speak some German and Italian.

Fields interested in (and have experience): P.R., Marcom, Events/Exhibition Organizing, Research, International Marketing, Internet, Communications, Real Estate, Consultations, Arts, Interior design, Entertainment, Films, M.E./ Israel or Hungary related, etc.

If someone can help me further with my job search or there is anyone you could connect me with or refer me to who might be able to help, I would highly appreciate that.

Also if you know of any good Head-hunter agencies in L.A. Thank you!

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