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Moving to Santa Monica (Los Angeles)

Hi All

I am from the UK but have been living on the Cypriot Island of Cyprus since Protected content .
I no longer want to live in Cyprus and would really like to move near Santa Monica.
I would have to find a place to rent, a job and sort out visa's before making my move.

I have worked in diferent type of offices for over 25 years. In the Uk I work for the local Government doing payroll. Since in Cyprus I have worked for real estate agents, Online Gaming Company's doing Customer support and also Fraud and payments. My current job is for a large distributor where I work in the accounts department.

So does anyone have any information how I would go about finding work etc before I move. Also would I have a problem finding a job near that area?
About visa's what type of visa would I need and how long do you think I would be able to stay in the USA. I do not want to get settled there only to find out that after a year or 2 I would be forced to leave the USA again.

How do these things work?

Any help would be a great help, as I would need to plan this carefully before making the move as I am unable to leave my job in Cyprus without find a job there first.

Thank you in advance


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