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Multi-lingual seeking new job opportunities (Los Angeles)

As an educated professional with a true passion for working in the field of counseling and guidance for children an young adults, I am currently seeking new carrier opportunities.

I was born in Latin America and have been living in Switzerland, The Netherlands and Germany for the past 25 years, where I also received my professional education, and gained most of my work experience.
For the past 16 years I have been working with children and young adults in different settings, particularly in multi-lingual environments.

Besides having an excellent command of English, I also speak Spanish, Dutch and German fluently.
I am highly motivated, a teamplyer with extraordenary communication and supervision skills, and with profound knowledge on behavioral problems strategies and language learning.

Areas of interest: Reacreation Planning, Language Teaching, International Management, Counseling, Social Networking, Cross-Cultural Issues, Hospitality, Automobile, Lifestyle Coaching, Event Management, Relocation Advice, Professional Mentoring, Supervision, Remedial Teaching, Tourism, Adult Educational Technology...

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