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Need a costume for Wednesday night? Check here! (Los Angeles)

Hi, everyone!

I hope to see you all at our Halloween Party this Wednesday in Westwood at Protected content

But I'm sure some of you are thinking "I guess I can't come to the party if I don't have a costume."

Not true! :-)

You don't need to buy a huge complicated outfit to join in the fun. You can just play with whatever's in your closet. I've seen a man in a suit with a Superman T-shirt who said he was Clark Kent, or another guy in overalls with a toolbox who said he was Joe the Plumber.

Just feel free to be creative and have a good time.

Any other suggestions? What are your ideas for closet costumes? Add to this thread here.

And make sure to RSVP and bring your friends Wednesday night.

See you there!


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