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Planning my relocation to US (Los Angeles)

Hi fellow Internations members,

I am an Australia citizen, intending to relocate to United States.

I intend to look for jobs once I get there (currently planning to stay in Los Angeles), however, the ideal situation would be for me to have a job to go to.

As some of you may already know, Australians do not require employment sponsorship and are instead issued with an E3 visa, which only requires a letter of offer from an employer (apart from obtaining a Labor Condition Application) .

However, the challenge I am currently facing is to break in to the job market whilst in Australia. I am a qualified Project Manager, with an industry experience of over 12 years, ranging from within Banking and financial services as well as public sector.

My question: Is it expected to be here before looking for jobs, or are there means of securing a job, whilst in Sydney, Australia that I am not aware of.

Any help on the matter will be truly appreciated.


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