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Tips for Attending InterNations Los Angeles Events



If it will be your first time attending one of our LA Social or Consul events, I wanted to give you a few tips to make your experience great and keep you coming back for more.

When I first moved to the states I was just a young child. Having grown up in Los Angeles for the most part of my life, I only moved back to Los Angeles just last year, after being gone Protected content . Last year I realized that, outside of family, I didn’t know a soul in the entire 10-million-person city. My network was scattered across the country and the world but NOT in Los Angeles. But in under a year, I went from being completely alone to having a large network of professional contacts and friends, started my own business, and I have secured a great client portfolio that I can only attribute to the power of networking within InterNations.


I made it my personal mission to take risks and network like crazy.

Moving to a new country or city can be intimidating, but, it’s also a great opportunity to start over, meet new people, and find an exciting new direction. Whether you’re looking for new friends or a new job, here are my tips on how to build or improve your network in Los Angeles. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!

1. Try Something Ridiculous

You know those things you briefly consider doing, before that “sensible” voice in your head talks you out of them? Well, this time, ignore that voice. Audition for an Acapella group. Try out for a fencing team. Attend our smaller Consul or Special Interest Groups. It sounds crazy, but you never know what will happen—or who you’ll meet—when you step outside of your comfort zone.

2. Dinner for 2,3,10?

If you’re single and do not know anyone in your new city, going on dinner dates is a great way to meet new people—who likes to eat alone anyway? You could strike up a friendship over dinner. If you want to try something new, but don’t have someone to go with, I suggest checking out our dining and nightlife section on our site that matches people based on common food interests and unique dining experiences.

3. Start a Project

If you’re like me and working full-time, but want to meet people OUTSIDE of the work place volunteer for an organization that does something you’re passionate about.

If you’re not working full-time, make it a priority to become an InterNations Consul, secure an internship, whether it’s paid or not, in a field you’re interested in. Both will lead you to like-minded people, new connections, and potential job opportunities, too.

4. Be Fearlessly Friendly

I don’t just mean smiling and saying hello to everyone you see at the event. We like to create friendly and welcoming events for all of our members to feel comfortable to walk up to another member and begin conversations. The name tag is what opens the gate for conversation because one thing that majority of all IN members have in common is that they do NOT know many people in Los Angeles or they are far away from their home country and would like to connect with global minds like yourself. If you feel like you made a solid connection at the event, take a picture with your new friend, exchange numbers or business cards, and make plans to meet again before the next event.

5. Say Yes
If you get invited to things, make it your policy to just say yes! Even if seeing a play or going to a concert isn’t your idea of fun, just the act of exploring new bus routes and streets and venues will give you more confidence and something new to talk about. You may also meet someone who ends up being a great friend, or a great career resource.

6. Read Up and Sign Up
There’s a wealth of information on the InterNations site and Forum. Search Twitter, Google, and blogs in your industry or interest area, and you’ll easily be able to find a whole host of great events, classes, forums, and conferences in your new city. If your weekends are not jam-packed with outings with friends this platform is the perfect opportunity to learn something new or meet new people.

7. Transportation
Do Not Drink and Drive. Please Drink Responsibly and we strongly encourage utilizing Lyft, Uber, or Taxi.

- Lyft: Protected content … ($5 off First Ride)
- Uber: Protected content ($5 off First Ride)
- Carpool if possible with members you trust and have built a relationship with. Who knows…you may have a random carpool karaoke experience!

8. Respect
Please respect our members on and offline. We want to ensure a welcoming environment at all times. If you ever have any issues at our events or within our online platform regarding a fellow member or venue staff, please bring it to my attention immediately!

I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. Please message me directly if you have any additional questions regarding events or things to do in Los Angeles!

Kind Regards,

Angeles Williams
Los Angeles Brand Ambassador

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