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Venezuelan Student Emergency (Los Angeles)

I am a Venezuelan Student. I came to the USA to study Fitness and Nutrition in

Pasadena, California. Protected content . Arroyo Parkway, Trifecta Sport Gym)

Venezuela is a socialist country that has denied any rights to its citizen who

travel abroad to study or even as tourists.

The Venezuelan government has denied my right to exchange my savings into

Dollars and due to a control exchange we cannot change our currency anywhere

around the world.

Currently, I am going thru a financial hardship that has made impossible for me

to pay my school tuitions. If I don't pay the two months I owe I will be kicked

out of school. Due to my m-1 vocational visa, I am not allowed to get a job in

the US therefore my income is null. However, two months ago I submitted and

application with my case to the USCIS in order to get a work permit but that

takes so much time. Actually this week I just went there to get my biometrics


You can see here the digital copy of the document that states what I am saying

regarding my situation with the school is totally real. You can also see my M-1


Please, if you are able to help me I will be deeply grateful and I will pay you

back every penny as soon as I am allowed to start working.

If you need any other documentation that proves my situation I will gladly send

it to you, in case you contact me and want to know more about my case, no

problem! Here I added the copies of the tuitions I owe, my M-1 Visa that states

that I am actually studying in AFNA and also the letters the USCIS have sent me

back regarding my submition for a work permit. The latest on that is the one

that proves I just had my biometrics taken.

By the way, I am a personal trainer, so if you need or know someone who needs a

personal trainer, that could be an option for me to work and get all the money

I need. I am also a musician, so I am trying to raise funds through my music.

The band's name is DNAtion. You can download the four songs we have in the

following website:

Protected content

Each song only costs $1.00 and the money raised from it will be used to pay for

my tuition and living expenses while studying.

Thank you for reading and I really look forward to hearing from a nice person

who is able and wants to help out. Again, I will payback that money, it will

not be a fund raising or charity but a loan. I hope you can understand my

situation and as I said, if you need more proves just contact me. I do not post

them here for a matter of security.

If you'd like to help me, you can transfer directly to AFNA's bank account.
Please, contact me: Protected content Protected content

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