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Baby in Luanda

Hello to everyone in Luanda! Hope you all are doing well.

Next July I might be moving with my husband and my ten-month old baby to Luanda. Although we are used to move around the world, now with the baby we have some questions to resolve before saying YES. If you could kindly give us insights on any of the following issues we would really appreciate it:

1. Pediatricians and medical facilities: If my baby gets sick can we trust medical services there? If there is an accident will there be response capacity to provide good medical services or to fly us to South Africa, other?

2- Risks/Precautions with the baby: What would be the major risks/precautions to have with the baby? More concretly, Is it possible to walk with the baby in parks, how probable is to get malaria or other diseases?

3- Gynecologist: Are there decent gynecologists in town? Do women expats deliver the babies there?

4- Rent: Do you have any idea on how much would a three -bedroom house cost us?

5. How much do you spend on food, utilities, service, etc? We were thinking on hiring someone to help with the house and the baby- Maybe to live in te house.

6- I am a yoga practitioner and I have experience in the Developmnet/Humanitarian Sector. How difficult is to find a job and to find yoga studios if any?

7- Generally, will you think we would be safe by moving with our baby?

8 - Can we expect a friendly country, how strong is the expat community there? Do most people live close to each other?

I have a million more questions but these will give us some ideas. We truly appreciate your answers and we expect to meet you if we make it there!

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