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medical research (Luanda)

I would like to introduce myself, Im Agnes a 28 year old medical student who is planning to do part of her masters in Angola. My partner is asigned a new job in Luanda. At the moment I am looking to find a way to spend my master education medicine in Luanda, so I can join him. As part of my masters i have to do medical research for 6 months. I am hoping to find connections with people who can either tell me who I should aproach in the medical of university department or maybe who can help me in any other way.

I've been trying to find email adresses from the americo boavida hospital and Agostinho neto university, but the websites are not as clear, so Im still nog sure were to start.

Hopefully someone has a bit of spare time to help me around, because my portugees is not yet suficient enough (Yes, no, thankyou, goodbye).

Already I would like to thank you for your time.

Kind regars


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