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Hello, I work between New York and Lagos for sometime now . I’m originally Nigerian, I have 2 successful brands in my home country. A clothing and skincare brand both less than 3years old.
I wish to move to Luanda for a year or two just to have a different experience on life in general.
•meet new people, learn new culture
•start a part time job in any field relating to business administration or management as I have experience of 5+ years
•or maybe open a mini store for my fashion or skincare brand.
• I would love to learn the Portuguese language, I know nothing about it but wish to learn as my great grand parents are of Portuguese descent.
• what’s the criteria for a work permit?
• what’s the USD cost of getting a decent room with kitchen and bathroom for a year?
• is any one looking for someone to take on a job opportunity?

I’d love to hear from you. You can add me up on LinkedIn Damini Ajueyitsi or leave me a message here. Thanks

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