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moving with small children to Luanda

Hi all,

my family and I might be moving to Luanda this year. We are having two small children (only a few months old at the time of moving), so we are wondering about the situation in Luanda for kids.
- I know malaria and similar diseases are present, but which precautions should you take, specifically for kids?
- what's the medical infrastructure? I know my company has something like its own clinic, so that sounded reassuring.
- security situation in Luanda, but also when travelling in the countryside near the capital?
- finally, the fun things to do with children (I hear that the beaches and wildlife parks are good)?
And before I forget, does anyone know if people are organizing tango classes/clubs? After all, the parents also would like to have some time for themselves.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give. More questions certainly to follow,

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