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Nervous for move to Luanda

We may be relocating to Luanda for my husbands work..we have lived in South Africa, USA and currently Paris.... I have to admit that I have moments of complete doubt about moving to Luanda... Especially since WE are making this choice for our family with two young (6 and 8) children..please excuse me but i need some peace of mind....please will you be so kind as to answer my tons :-0 of questions?
1. Are there safety issues outside of the compounds?
2. I understand the medical is not very good..what is the procedure for instance when surgery is needed or there's been a serious accident? Fly to South Africa?
3. How bored do us wives get?
4. Do the kids understand the living arrangements in terms of living behind a compound wall?
5. Were you all nervous and a little (a lot) anxious at the time of realizing you were going to move to Luanda?
6. Does the international school in Luanda Sud have good academic standards?
7. I understand that food is astronomically expensive....How much does food roughly cost for a family of four per month?
8. What do weekend activities consist of? Do most people leave on weekends to go to for example the beach or is that more of a monthly activity?

Thank you so much for your time...I appreciate it

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