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Interesting Read: 8 deadly SINS you must commit (Lucerne)

Eight deadly SINS that you must commit before you die
Protected content Mathur

Well, this is no gospel. This is neither a Biblical extract, nor is it a preaching from the Vedas - All are in this world for a purpose, and the fulfilment of that purpose should be the ultimate aim of life for everyone. The earlier one realizes this, the greater his or her chances of salvation.

While the above may be all true, we only have one life to live with the present identity and consciousness. Either we can live it fully or regret in the end for having missed the ‘fun’ – things that could have been done, but not done due to innumerable excuses and reasons. These would most likely be in the areas of materialistic pleasures and may go against the very tenets set by the religious scriptures, but so be it. Don’t just LIVE, be ALIVE. Commit these Eight Deadly SINS (Serious Indulgences for Natural Self) before the life’s story approaches its last chapter:

1. Protected content to the farthest corner of the world to explore the most awe striking things that you’ve always known existed somewhere on the planet, but were certainly not accessible to you ever. Watch yourself living your moments in so much excitement, as you’ve never even imagined.

2. Protected content yourself in a bucket full of the sinfully delicious ice cream covered with rich chocolate, almonds, cashew nuts, crunch and a flavour of your favourite scotch (rum??).

3. Protected content a full day drunk down to your boots and try writing a love letter in a highly inebriated state, pouring out your heart in it (Yes its possible! Give it a shot!). Gives a solid reason to keep smiling upon remembering that day and to laugh on your own writings of that day, every now and then.

4. Protected content down the countryside at the top speed in your favourite car and get thrilled on watching your speedometer (milometer) pointer break off or on sensing that your car might just take off.

5. Protected content at the top of your voice the name of your beloved or curse the person you hate the most, seconds before jumping off a mountain cliff (bungee!!) or diving out of a plane and enjoy the rushing adrenaline as you drop through the skies.

6. Protected content deep inside the sea and cherish the deeply relaxing feel of cold, soft mud as you lie at the bottom or swim across to explore the inside of a sunken ship – who knows there might be treasure waiting for you.

7. Protected content that one person you’ve always wanted to but never dared to, whatever be the consequences. Indulge in your wildest fantasy.

8. Protected content a tight slap on that one person (boss??) who has pestered your life to no end.Look straight into the eyes and declare that you are not afraid of anything.

I do not intend to say that you deliberately harm anyone or that you contribute to the already existent chaos in this world. Doing that would never give you peace of mind. Be your good self, do your charity, say your prayers and follow what the Bible, Gita, Koran and Vedas preach to cleanse your soul, but do ensure that you commit these Eight Deadly Sins before the curtains are drawn on your life’s drama. Nothing could possibly be more satisfying than the feeling of ‘No Regret’ at the fag end.

Please feel free to comment or to criticize this article. Your comments,suggestions and inputs are most welcome. I can be reached on Protected content

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