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A Salon beside Lago Maggiore (Lugano)

An American by birth, I left the USA over 15-years ago. My passion and purpose take me all over the world, and in Protected content travelled to Israel, Spain, Denmark, England, Sweden, and the USA four times. In May, my NGO took the keys to a home/atelier/office only meters from the shores of Lago Maggiore, and being ringed by Alps and palm trees with Italy a stone throw away redefines ‘magical’. The hard part is how it is making travel a seriously toe-dragging experience.

During my 'down time' (hear the Universe laughing?), I would love to host an occasional salon as experience has shown me that it’s a lovely way to get to know locals and visitors alike.

My home is simply the 'canvas' for a beautiful evening, the ‘what’ whatever the participating group chooses to co-create. The vision is for more than a delicious meal; it’s to co-create an experience, a 'salon' in the truest tradition. Many times in my life I've called or joined such events, and years after coming together as ‘strangers’, many became treasured friends.

If you are willing to accept my apologies for still learning Italian, and forgive me for being pretty much useless beyond “Menu” French and German, I know we can share what I would love to see as a ‘first’. I look forward to inviting you to join what will surely be an amazing group, sharing an evening and participating in an experience where you partake of food and camaraderie. The potential? A single evening is a reflection of what’s possible in the world when members of the Human family are open, curious and free to experience acceptance that comes from understanding. Those who are able to create such moments, can bring about positive change in the world.

I’m in Ticino for most of August, and would love to plan an event for the 3rd week. My dining room table can seat up to 10, and we can stretch this to 16 if someone is able to bring folding chairs! If we use my terrace, there’s ‘musical seating’ for 20! Let me apologise in advance for understanding just enough Italian and German to be dangerous, although I am working on my Italian! And please join us even if English is not your ‘Mother-tongue!

If you’d like to help create and participate in such an evening, I’d love to hear from you!

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