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IT jobs in Ticino (4 Linux System Specialist) ? (Lugano)


I "moved" here in Ticino couple of months ago, but have just started to learn Italian cause it seems like it is impossible to get work in here without speaking it (which is understandable).

I'm Certified System Specialist for servers and datacenter and I'm specialiced in to Linux. I've Protected content certificates for servers, linux (LPIC- Protected content security etc. but here in Switzerland it seems to be more important to speak fluent German or other local language, or at least my job applications has been rejected with that reason.

So does anyone know some job opportunities for English speaker. My other languages are of course my mother tongue Finnish, then some Dutch, German (intermediate level) and little bit of Italian and Swedish (beginner level, still now).

I saw that there was couple of datacenters here and I sended 'em my CV couple of months ago, but didn't receive almost any answer.

I've been also working most of my life ( Protected content ) in Buildingsites and I thought that when I learn little bit more Italian that I could more easily get work from there, do you think it is so ?


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