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Petition for school canteen and other services (Lugano)

Hello everybody,

I would like to ask everybody living in Lugano or Ticino to sign the petition that asks the access to the public school canteen and other services (elementary school) for everybody without limits, paying the fee in accordance to the salary. People who earn less, pay less, people who earn much, pay more.


So if you think it´s important that parents can conciliate family and work, please sign online (before the 19th Octubre!!!)

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or stamp the petition: Protected content

At the moment the situation in the public schools of Lugano is the following:

The kids go to school from ca. 8. Protected content and 13. Protected content . In the middle there is a big lunch break and the kids go at home to eat or go to the school canteen. There is a salary limit Protected content working both parents) and parents who earn more have to organize themselves con babysitters or send the kids to private schools. It`s not possible to work part-time and many mothers risk not to find a job anymore when the children have finished school. In the kindergarden, the children can eat and usually stay from 8.30 till 15.30.

There has been a votation to cancel this limit, but the city has financial problems so they freezed the decision. Now it´s possibile that they will repeat the decision.

In Ticino there are a few cities that offer the school canteen for everybody, but there are also city where you don´t even have the service in the kindergarden. If you have any questions about the topic you can send me a message.

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