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PROMOTION AromaTouch® Technique (Lugano)

CHF 60.- - Duration: 45min.

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AromaTouch® Technique was developed by Dr. David Hill, a worldwide expert on the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes.
This technique is used to apply pure certified therapeutic grade oils (CPTGs). Essential oils "dōTERRA" are pure, 100% natural and free of synthetic compounds or contaminants.
The oils are applied to some energy meridians, visceral back points, and reflexological points of the foot and ear to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

The benefits of AromaTouch®
On the skin: by stimulating the circulation it facilitates the passage of essential oils and therefore a cell regeneration and youthfulness of the skin. It contributes to softness, elasticity and resistance to infections.

On the nervous system: acting on the parasympathetic nervous system, AromaTouch® technique favors the relaxation and reduction of tension due to stress. "Touch" and Oils induce the body to release endorphins (well-being hormones) known to effectively improve the mind and reduce the pain.

On the lymphatic system: by receiving regularly the AromaTouch®, thanks to Essential Oils, it improves lymphatic drainage that helps reduce excess of fluid stored in the tissues (edema) and increases the removal of toxins and waste from the system.

The Immune System: Essential Oils interact at cellular level and help eliminate toxins by supporting our immune system for our defenses.

On the emotional system: Oils act subtly thanks to their frequencies, bringing balance and facilitating, where necessary, the release of stagnant emotions that in the medium and long term favor the onset of various health issues.

Who I am
I'm 41 and passionate about the holistic world. Twelve years ago I started a personal growth course by following different types of courses and therapies.
Last year I began training to become Omega Health Coach getting the certificate in March Protected content . This also brought me to know the essential oils "dōTERRA". Since then I have been using them daily with outstanding results.
I am very mindful of the well-being, both physical and mental, and for this reason, in addition to promoting "dōTERRA" products, I decided to go deeper by participating at the course of AromaTouch® Technique and make it available to those who want to increase their global health.

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