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Canada-USA grocery store in Zambia (Lusaka)

Hi everyone!
Are you an American, Canadian who is living in Zambia and you are missing your favorite foods from back home? I am considering Open a speciality Canada –USA grocery store here in Zambia.
will be importing popular America Canada products such as: Kraft Macaroni cheese, Oreo cookies, cheerios, Pam cooking spray, aunt jemima pancake mix and maple syrup, Campbell soups, A&W root beer, jell-ogelatin, beef jerky, marshmallow fluff, Jack Daniel’s sauce BBQ, Quaker oatmeal, Hershey’s chocolate, Reese’s ,Jif cream peanut butter.and many, many other popular American Canada products.
I d really appreciate if you would take a few minutes to answer few questions.
1.Are you missing food products from USA & Canada while you are here in Zambia?
Yes or No
2.Do you find that having Canada-USA grocery store in Zambia useful?
-Very useful
-Some what useful
-Not useful
3.What brand or foods product from USA Canada are you most likely to buy?
Please email me your answers and ideas direct to my email: Protected content or through internations message box. Thank you

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