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I am looking for persons in Lusaka who like to meet on a monthly basis (fixed day, for example last Thursday or Friday of a month) for jointly cooking a dinner together. In this regard I do not refer only to spaghetti or just a BBQ (however, we could do this as well, if we feel like this). I would like to try a bit more sophisticated recipes (from different countries) together with other people (with at least main course and desert). Work and costs would be shared among the participating persons. The idea is as well to have already something nice to drink (wine, cocktails etc.) and hear (to the meal suitable) music while cooking. We all should look for having fun in a relaxed atmosphere and just having a good evening. When I am travelling as a backpacker I do this joint cooking also sometimes in the guesthouses and it is just fun.

Generally, the cooking venue should circle among the cooking “club” members.
Besides, you do not have to be (already) the perfect cook. Idea is as well to share skills or to learn together (from cook books for example).

I would like to have a mixed group of people (females and males), which can be divided by 2. Currently I am thinking to start with a core group of 4 persons which can be extended later if desired.

If you are interested, please send me an email, respond here in this forum or send me a contact request which I can confirm to be able to get in contact with you.

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