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Gauging interest--ladies? (Lusaka)


Hi everyone,

I have been hunting around for dance classes, but it seems the selection in Lusaka is a little limited. So, I am seriously considering starting to teach a regular Oriental/belly dance class for interested women. I am seeing if there is any interest in this community or other communities in Lusaka you may know (such as women's groups) for this type of dance class.

Oriental dance is a graceful, body-positive dance form that will make you sweat and feel beautiful. Some women enjoy it because of the toning and increased flexibility belly dancing brings. Others enjoy the opportunity to dance with other women. And yet more have a secret glamorous belly dancer that wants to get out!

(In another life outside of my day job, I am an award-winning Oriental dancer who has taught in New York and New Jersey, have co-produced an off-off-Broadway theatrical dance show, taught workshops internationally and have won at international dance competitions. I'm hoping to bring Oriental dance to Lusaka!)

Do you have any advice for me on where to start? I looked up where the gyms are that are offering Zumba, yoga and the like, but nothing quite like Oriental dance and I have no idea if there would be any interest on the community.

Thanks InterNations hive mind in advance. :) Looking forward to hearing from you. If you're interested, ladies, get in touch privately with me and send me a message!


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