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Information on Zambia - please help. (Lusaka)



I am looking for a place in Africa where they speak good English and where we can start a small call/data-center.
We already have people in The Philippines, Vietnam and Surinam, and now want to get started in Africa as well.
I have never been there, and just looked for the country that looks most suitable, based on Wikipedia information...

What we basically need:
- a house or big apartment where at least Protected content can work, and with 1 separate room for a supervisor/management.
- good internet connections (stable), fit for sip telephony and Protected content stations on 1 address.
- enough people who want a job with minimal medium English speaking skills.
- price level that is low compared to Europe; maximum 1 in 4 (what costs 4 euro in Europe should cost 1 euro in Zambia).
- legal possibility to work 24/7 - shifts of 6 or 8 hours.

What are basic salaries in Zambia for mid-level and high educated people?
How much is monthly rent in a safe, easy to reach area (not necessarily a rich area, we prefer mid-level)?

Anything else we have to think of?

If we start we want to start a local company soon, already found out that this is relatively easy in Zambia.

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