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international schools and housing (Lusaka)

Helllo everybody. I have just found out from my employer (the UN) that my family and I will move to Lusaka end of June from Amman, Jordan, where we have been living the past 5 years. We are of course very excited, having heard all sorts of nice things about Zambia, but also full of questions.
In particular, if possible I'd like to know if anyone has advice on schooling for my two children aged 3 and 6. My oldest one has been going to the International Community School (ICS) which follows the British system. We (and most important: he) are happy with it, and understand there is also an ICS in Lusaka, but were wondering if any-one has any knowledge about the place, and how good it other words are there any internations parents who can recommend something?
The other question (and sorry about this lenghty mail) is about housing. While looking for something long term we would like to see if there is a furnished two bedrooms place that is available for one or two months as of end of June, preferably not too far from Leopard Hill where my office is.

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