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Life in Lusaka - contemplating moving to Lusaka

Hi Everyone,

I got a great opportunity which would make me move to Lusaka for at least 2 years, starting from September this year. I'm currently living and working in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

I'd like to know a few things before coming to a final decision, and your help would really make a difference, so please help me with these questions:
1) I'm hoping to find a 2 bedroom apartment or house, what would be the best part of town to live in, and why? I value stable electricity, proximity to fun stuff (gyms, bars & coffee shops, malls).
2) How much would a used Toyota RAV4 cost? Something newer than Protected content .
3) How's the night life in Lusaka?
4) Internet... A big one for me... Reliability, bandwidth and price? What would be the best value options?
5) I'm not too worried about security, I've lived in Kampala, Nairobi and Dar during the past 2 years, so I barely notice anything anymore. But... If you could compare Lusaka to any of these cities, where would you put it in terms of security?
6) Traffic - are traffic light and signs just for show or do people actually follow the rules?

I've got a whole list of stupid questions, but these are the ones that came to mind while writing this. :D

Any info and help would me much appreciated and if I move to Lusaka, I'm buying everyone who helps a beer.

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