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SI 33 - How have you been affected? (Lusaka)

So, SI 33 has forced changes on a lot of us, both personally and business wise.

Contracts that were in USD are now in ZMK, and a lot of expatriates now face the fact that they are being paid in kwacha, then have to convert it at the local bank and then send it to their international accounts.

Businesses with USD obligations outside of Zambia find themselves in a similar predicament.

And this all comes at a cost...and a costs you and benefits the banks who now benefit from increased FX requirements.

So, what can one do?

We, as the world's largest independent financial consultancy, also provide a foreign exchange service. It enabkes our clients to trade all major world currencies and make international payment in a fast, eficient and cost effective manner.

We are also able to trade Zambian Kwacha through our FX desk.

You get a dedicated FX trader, exchange rates at up to 5% better than the banks, no commission charges or transfer charges, secure global payment solutions and much more.

For any further info please contact me at Protected content .

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