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Stove for Malaikha (Lusaka)

Hello, people. Unbelievable but true, we are finally getting Zesco power at the Malaikha school for the Blind! The REA has already put up the poles, so we are expecting to have power in the next two months. We won`t need it for hostel and classrooms, since we have solar power there, but it will be of great help in teacher house, staff houses and especially in the kitchen. We were always scared of putting a gas stove there having had a fire 2 years ago in the kitchen because of a candle. Anyway, now as we are getting power we would love to get an electrical stove for baking, it will bring a bigger food variety for the kids than only cooking on charcoal all the time. Sometimes when volunteers and expats are leaving they sell their house items cheap, so I am please asking you to let me know when you hear anything. Maybe you even know a company producing stoves which we could approach for a donation? Every help will be appreciated! It would be good to have at least 4 plates and a big oven so that we can prepare big oven bakes for our always-very-hungry-kids :). Also oven dishes like baking trays, maybe muffin moulds etc will be needed, so maybe somebody has an idea who could help? Thanks in advance!

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