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Things to know about InterNations (Lusaka)

Here are a few things that you need to know about InterNations.

No.1 It is a community that relies on our members ( community's) input - so please respond to the forum questions and please use and add to the City Guide so it becomes a great resource for us all. If you know a place or local tips that we all should know share them with us. It makes moving to Lusaka so much easier and welcoming!

No.2 My role as Ambassador - is a voluntary unpaid position - so I shall do my best to help in every way but I need your help, so revert to point no. 1.

No.3 The Official InterNations events will occur once per month, the event will be held at a public venue and everyone is requested to rsvp by the due date and then actually be there! Please.

No. 4 Grow our community - Tell your friends about InterNations and ask them to come along to our next Official InterNations event. Your friends should be encouraged to join our community before or immediately after the event. We may even keep a laptop at each event to encourage people to join on the night!

No.5 If you have a noticeboard at work/ school/ or any public place please email Helen for an advertisement that you can print out and post, to tell people about InterNations encourage new members.

Have I missed anything?
If so ask your Question below:

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