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A New Improved Bus System for Luxembourg Centre

A New Improved Bus System for Luxembourg Centre

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After the city and regional buses were reorganised in June Protected content to the removal of several bus stations at Hamilius in Luxembourg City centre, the Ville de Luxembourg have announced more changes.

At a press conference held yesterday, Wednesday 2 March, the City of Luxembourg revealed that after receiving many suggestions from citizens regarding improvements to be made to the bus lines they hired an expert in the form of cartographer Jud Cerovic, to help make the City buses more efficient. All of the changes will be implemented on Monday 14 March.

Changes include the implementation of a new bus 7. It will at 30 minute intervals from approximately 05:30 to 21:00 Monday to Sunday the route Pulvermühl – Verlorenkost – Bonnevoie – Gare Centrale – Hamilius – Kirchberg Nord – Hôpital Kirchberg - Rehazenter. This line was created after several members of the public expressed a need for a better connection to the Pulvermuhl neighbourhood and Verlorenkost. The 7 will also create a direct connection between the Bonnevoie district and the Gare Centrale as well as enhance service for Kirchberg.

The route of bus 8 in Belair will firstly have a direct connection to the Kirchberg District and will also connect with the municipality of Strassen. Thus the bus stops Aubépines, Wandmillen, Stade et Service d’incendie will be replaced with Val Ste Croix, Glaesener-Hartmann (bd Grande-Duchesse Joséphine-Charlotte), Belair-Kierch, Amsterdam, Archiducs and Square New York.

The bus route of bus 9 will be changed to ensure a better service to the Clausen and Neudorf neighbourhoods. 9/167 and 9/195 will be repealed and the districts in question will again be served by a Communal line. The bus will remain unchanged between Gare Centrale and Cents, Waassertuerm.

Other changes to the buses 21, 24 and 15 will also be made and new bus stops have been added. For more information on the changes that will be implemented on Monday 14 March click here.

In order to optimise the bus routes the City consulted an expert, Jug Ceraic. According to his design the bus lines are now colour-coded and separated into two categories. Looking at a map of the busroutes it will also be possible to determine how frequently the buses will run. The thicker lines will indicate a bus line that runs every five to ten minutes whilst the thinner lines will indicate a less frequent bus line of over 10 minutes. The strong colours are given to busses that travel in Central Luxembourg and the pastel-coloured ones will go to more outlaying regions.

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