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AAAA (Luxembourg)

hey now

newly arrived & still getting settled in the center of Arlon. with my spouse from Italia & our 2 young children, it's our first time in the area & we are learning as we go. our 2 main tasks right now are finding daycare options for the children & understanding how the healthcare system works here. if you are in Arlon (or close by) & would like to make contact.. don't hesitate! any info, recommendations or encouragement (especially for daycare) would be greatly appreciated. my main yahoo! address is Protected content - hit me back..!

p.s. - the NFL season is 2.5 months away.. are you ready for some football??

p.p.s. - AAAA = alert: amérloque à Arlon
(yes I know "amérloque" is "pejorative".. but it has never bothered me on the RARE occasion I've heard it..!)

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