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Bretzelsonndeg (Luxembourg)

Gudde Moein, Gentleman!

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Sunday 3 April is a Séiss Lëtzebuerger Traditioun: Bretzelsonndeg.

The fourth Sunday during lent is better known as 'Bretzelsonnedeg' where men bestow their Schaz, sweethearts, Häerzchen, darling, someone they fancy etc (whether singular and/or plural) a ♥ shaped pretzel as a token of their affection.
In return, ladies reciprocate by giving men a chocolate egg for Easter (not me, but the holiday! ;-D ) I, quite frankly, deduce that men get the better end of the deal but what do I know, perhaps 'tis only I who prefers chocolate, qui sait....
A lovely tradition, nonetheless.

Sooooo, Gentlemen, whatever are you waiting for? Husch, husch!!

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