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CONFERENCE “I am a Woman. How to build self-confid (Luxembourg)

CONFERENCE “I am a Woman. How to build self-confidence”
May 27, Protected content . 14h Protected content
Centre Culturel Gare, 29 Rue de Strasbourg, Luxembourg

Self-confidence is a mysterious and, sometimes, uncontrollable quality: as soon as we assure ourselves of our having it, it immediately leaves us at the most crucial moment – on the first date, during an important presentation or meaningful talks…

Quite often, the financial success, the career and happy private life do directly depend on our self-confidence.

And what about you?
Do you appreciate yourself? Can you love yourself even in the period of failures and disappointments? Can you feel confident next to stronger people, resist rudeness and offensive behavior? Can you say a firm No to a shop assistant, for instance, when he/she has spent some time on you?
How independent are you of the opinions of others? Is it easy for you to make friends and feel worthy in an unfamiliar company? Do you feel embarrassed to admit not knowing certain widely-known things? Do you compare your appearance with the appearances of other women (no matter, in whose favor)? Aren’t you ashamed of your desires (sexual or common ones), is it easy for you to talk about them?

Answer honestly to them and define how self-confident you are.

Why is it so important?
Because self-confidence has a great influence on the quality of our life, relationships and prosperity.

Why do the majority of women feel unhappy?

Today’s requirements for a woman are often inconsistent with normal life.
She should look perfect, be active, and, desirably, have successful career and earn well off. At the same time, she must take care of her family, give birth and bring up children, cook delicious food, be a house-proud woman, and also a faithful and loving wife… on a daily basis!
And all these things are included into our idea of an “ordinary woman”.

But what is really happening? Some ladies are successful businesswomen, but don’t pay due attention to their families, what makes them suffer greatly.
The others, being complaisant wives, can’t adapt to the independent life, are infantile.
There’re also women who dedicate their life to their children and home, having no time left for career and self-development.

Women's uncertainty has many “faces”, but the roots of this problem always go back to an early childhood. The nature of the woman’s behavior in adulthood depends on how her mother behaved, on the relationships between her parents, on the values that were propagated in the family.
Fortunately, self-confidence can be developed and improved – you just need to get armed with several simple rules and to turn them into your habits.

This is exactly what we’ll do during the I am a Woman. How to Build Self-Confidence Conference, where the speakers will gladly share their experience and secret techniques with you.

We’ve prepared two workshops:
1) How to become a self-confident person.
2) The secrets of translation from women’s language into men’s language
where you’ll have the opportunity to work out some definite skills and increase your self-confidence right in the process of work.

And now, meet the speakers:

Daniela Kruger Protected content development trainer)
“How to become a self-confident person" (Workshop for 1 hour)
1. The understanding of who you are and where do you come from
2. The reason why you are lacking confidence
3. What kind of practice you can do on a daily basis
4.Ways to boost your confidence

Angelica Nedog Protected content , photographer)
How to overcome the fear of cameras

Yulia Bakhtina Protected content of the Academy of Female Charisma Development, women’s coach)
“The secrets of translation from women’s language into men’s language”
• What is the difference between the men’s and women’s languages
• What to do to make men understand you better
• The laws of building the best relationships at any level
• How does the Language of love manifest itself in men and women

Date, time and venue:
May 27 at 14. Protected content at Centre Culturel a la Gare, 29 Rue de Strasbourg , Luxembourg.

The cost is 20 euros.

Possible payment options:
1. Pay with credit card:
Academie de dev. du charisme feminin
IBAN: LU Protected content

2. On-the-site, before the conference begins (make sure you sent a reservation note with your name mentioned at Protected content

Feel free to contact me if any questions arise at
Protected content Yulia Bakhtina

in a women’s conference “I am a Woman. How to build self-confidence” and get recharged with fresh ideas and inspiration! Beam with pleasure and share it with people surrounding you!

What should I do next?
Invite your friends to attend the conference and get immense pleasure from the joint pastime.

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