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Cost of Moving to Luxembourg

Hi -

I am considering a move to Luxembourg with my family and am staggered by the costs. Assuming I can find a suitable house near the city for €2000/month, am I right in saying that I need to have before I settle in:

Protected content month rent
Protected content deposit on a 3 year lease
Protected content fee (one month + VAT)

In addition to this, I will likely need to buy a washing machine, curtains, light fixtures, and other very basic necessities for a house (assuming house is unfurnished)? Considering some of the comments on previous posts, the deposit is very difficult to get back as well.

Is this really the norm? My job that I am being recruited for sounds good, life in Luxembourg sounds good, but will I really be out of pocket around €12,000 before I get my first paycheck? I'm not 100% sure of my relocation package but don't think it includes agent fees, deposits, washing machines, etc.

Thanks, Jeff

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