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Invitation to the White Dinner the 29th June 2017 (Luxembourg)

I will not be there that day, but if anyone could organize an Internations table there, that would be great for the whole community. Absolutely an event that i can only recommend to go for! I would always join when i am available. Here the original invitation:

Think white; a fleeting thrill, the excitement of partaking in a grand concept, spiced by a (white) cloak of secrecy surrounding the event commencing shortly before dusk and dissolving itself into the night.

Imagine an endless white table with people dressed in white in the fading summer light. No one knows where it will take place until it does and only minutes afterwards a casual passer-by will have no hint of the splendor of the occasion past.

An elegant and memorable evening awaits you…

To guide you through the occasion bear in mind a few essentials.

Where does it take place?

The White Dinner will take place in a secret public space in Luxembourg city, you will not know where the location until you are shown the way from your meeting point.

Who is invited?

YOU, though:
-form a couple/pair for the occasion, only couples/pairs or the multiples of are permitted.
-be elegantly dressed in any shade of white from head to toe, no colors admitted!
-bring a table and a set of chairs for the occasion.
-dress the table in white tablecloth and china, light it with white candles don’t forget the napkins.
-bring yourself a three course menu to enjoy with wine and champagne! No color restrictions here, let your taste guide you
-ladies; a hint; leave the heavy lifting and the drinks to the boys!
-to ensure traceless fading into the night, leave before the church bells chime for midnight and remember to leave no traces of your presence, such as rubbish, smokers may wish to bring white ashtrays.
-remember this is a whatever the weather occasion as we are in Luxembourg come well prepared!

See you on the 29th June Protected content 7.50pm sharp at the meeting point and finishing at midnight somewhere in Luxembourg city.

How ?

Please send an email to Protected content by 26th June to confirm your attendance and to receive your meeting point on the morning of the white dinner.

You will be guided to the final destination from there….

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