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Issues in relocation and apartment rental? (Luxembourg)


Hi all...

Perhaps this should be posted under housing, forgive me if it is in the wrong place.

I am having great difficulty securing an apartment in Luxembourg. My husband and I cannot ship any of our belongings without a permanent address (relocation service rules) but it seems that no one will rent to us without an in-person visit. We find this extremely unusual.

Basically, several realtors have told us "no" when we've asked to proceed with rental applications because we haven't been able to visit ourselves. We are ready to sign a lease without seeing the place in person and are perfectly respectable tenants. What is the problem? Not to mention we are both fluent french speakers so communication is not the issue.

My husband's work contract begins on 9 Feb but he will be working long hours and I cannot join him until March.

Any insight would be much appreciated. I realize he may have to look once he arrives...but that is not many apartments get snapped up right away so waiting even longer is not to our advantage.


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