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Looking for a job in Luxembourg? Maybe I can help.


I cannot promise you that I will find a job for you. I am not a recruitment agency. But I spent over 10 months desperately looking for a job in Luxembourg and I tried really hard till I finally succeeded. In this long period I got to know about a lot of recruitment websites and job fairs, encountered people working in different places who can be good contact persons and got some knowledge about where to look for different kinds of jobs. Now I want to share this knowledge with people that are in the same position as I was. I cannot promise quick replies but I will do my utmost to help you, as I know how bad one feels while looking for a job. And for sure I can tell you one thing: never ever give up because then you surely do not find a job. I will be glad to offer my assistance, whether through this post or through a private message. Good luck.

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