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Luxembourg State Pension Seminar

Hi everyone

Myself and my colleague have put together a presentation to explain the Luxembourg State Pension. We ran the seminar on Wednesday 9 March and had over 30 attendees, so clearly a topic of interest.

The aim of the presentation is to:

-explain the Luxembourg State Pension in laymans terms .
-explain the ’1 year rule’, the ’10 year rule’ and the ’40 year rule’
-offer example calculations
-discuss the future for the Luxembourg State Pension

We also cover:

-Occupational Pension Schemes
-Individual Pension Schemes
-Tax Efficient Savings Vehicles

and explain the tax advantages offered by these.

Attendees are offered the opportunity to meet with us, on a no obligation basis, to review their own pension provision and receive a personal pension analysis.

We are considering running this event again if their is sufficient interest.

So I'd ask if you would be interested in attending this event simply post 'YES' below.

Thank you


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