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Montessori school (Luxembourg)

I am new to the forum and my husband just accepted a job in Luxembourg which he will start in April.
My daughter 5 years old, turning 6 in June, could go to European school but until now she went all her life to Montessori institutions.
I already found the Montessori crèches in Luxembourg and one school in Strassen which I also called but they were reluctant to tell me their fees and acted somehow strange. Emails even in French are not answered.and I found an article about it which was not in favour of the school but then you never know the source of such articles.
Does anyone have experience with that school?'or with any Montessori school nearby like in France or Germany?
As we have to decide where to live and find an accommodation which is affordable we would like to see the schooling issue solved as soon as possible. European school only organises open days in June which then might be too late.

Thanks in advance! Kerstin

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