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Monthly income (Luxembourg)

Hello All,
I have recently been part of a recruitment process for a position in Luxembourg. In case I will be selected I intend coming with my family, more precisely my husband and my little girl, she's 19 months.
Could you help me with some figures about ho much should the offer, the salary offer be in order for us, a family of 3 to manage let's say from month to month? I am talking here about rent (a decent 2 rooms apart.), food, public transport, bills (for water, phone, heating). I would like to take into consideration putting my daughter in child-care or kindergarten.

For a while I don't expect my husband to get a job and I don't know for how much should we make this move, relocating. I am not expecting a fix number, just some ranges for a family to make it in Luxembourg.

I thank you in advance for all your efforts to write me.

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