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Moving to Luxembourg - first steps


Job in LUX offered and accepted, now for the big move from the UK to LUX.

We, me and wife, no kids, no dog, are at the beginning of the entire process. Future employer will arrange for moving company and househunting stay, but we appreciate that it's down to us to make this work.

Any and all advice on what makes or breaks this adventure of sorts will be most appreciated.

So far, we know that:
- Life in Luxembourg is much more expensive, but groceries etc can be bought at lower cost in Germany and France
- Public transport will do for a while but having a car helps with taking full advantage of the greener environment
- English works but not speaking any French does not
- It will be tough to adjust if we compare everything to home whereas we should just look at differences as new things.

Any and all things to consider will be very much very welcome.

Thanks for your help.


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