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“Personal Improvement – as a tool to achieve the g (Luxembourg)

Dear friends, I would like to invite you to the conference “Personal Improvement – as a tool to achieve the goals in Protected content ???

?February 02, 18. Protected content
29, rue de Strasbourg, Protected content .
?Our guest will be a speaker from Russia – Yulia Martynova
? Yulia Martynova – the founder of the business community “Business Support” and the movement #????????????;
The author of the system of organic promotion in social networks – Magnet Marketing with Martynova;
The creator of a unique game to uncover the naturalness and appeal of “The Man Magnet” which passed more than Protected content
The founder of the direct sales team with a turnover of one million dollars in semestre
Professional speaker with experience of performances in the best halls of Russia
This is a woman who has made herself. ?
?Yulia Martynova – the young woman and she is like a fire. She is full of energy, ideas, creativity. She doesn't afraid to be herself and this ignites others.
She “adopted” several Usurian tigers who are on the verge of extinction, thereby helping the reserve to take care of them. She helps people to reveal their resources, live better, through working on themselves, using personal development.
What will you learn at the meeting?
– Why does the same knowledge bring people different results?
– How to make the best use of your resources
– Where to take energy to implement new ideas? (a matrix of values)
– How to become a magnet for people and opportunities?
– 6 secrets that will help make a quantum leap to success
More details about the conferences you can find on the link below.
Please write ???? me in PM if you are ready to come. The number of seats is limited, so it's better to reserve them in advance.
The conference is free of charge. Come and invite your friends. Come with adult children, for them and their future is also could be very useful.

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