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Relocation..Garage Sell (Luxembourg)

Here we go, Luxembourg Bye Bye:

To sell:
Sofa bed 2 places red color good for studio. 80€
Table black with four chair 60 €
Washing machine 8 kg class a Protected content 195€
Shelfs 3 or 4 stage 8 pieces 15€ each one
Mini frigo, 3 months of life 150€
king bed with mattress 250€
Mitzubishi colt CZ3 1.3 gasoline, 95.000KM french plate number, a/c, ABS, EPS, power windows, power steering, computer, cd charger 6 cd, 2 set of tire ( winter/summer), light grey, works very well, and small enough to park in luxembourg! Protected content
kitchen ware and china ware
LCD TV Philips 42'' dolby, 2 hdmi, usb. 200€

find me on facebook: alessandro gervasutti
I have a page with the picture there.

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