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Rentals and agencies (Luxembourg)

Sorry, but it drives me crazy, when people from real estate agencies are jumping up to the apartments advertised by the members (directly from the owners/tenants) in this forum.

Because of you, we cannot find direct apartments and must pay "at least" one month rent to the agencies. (I would spend this money to furniture, instead)

Friends, who are seeking new tenants, please give priority to the real people in need of flat. Remember your first days in Luxembourg and the days you spent in search for a flat.

And my friends from agencies, please allow us to find direct apartments without putting you as an intermediary -as another option for us. There is a huge market here and there are enough web sites for the people who can find their flats from you. So, please -at least- leave this forum to us.

Thank you/Merci

-BTW, I am still seeking a 1 bedroom apartment in Beggen area, Belair and Strassen or Howald up to Protected content (incl.charges). :)


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