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Seminar for Women: How to get hold of Mr. Right (Luxembourg)

Many women keep having the same relationships again and again with different men. They take the same actions, get the same result and keep on being unhappy. Rather than taking the responsibility and investigating what they are doing wrong, they prefer to put the blame on the “bad man” or “the bad luck” sometimes even unleashing resentment on the whole world.
The thing is that.. there is no such thing as irresistible victims, and becoming irresistible is all about having the right mindset and the right attitude. Becoming irresistible is a learning process, which requires curiosity, self-awareness, non-judgement and commitment to taking the right actions.
The main goal of this seminar is to help you take control of your life and guide you towards the life you desire. However, learning/knowing is the right approach is just the first step, applying it in practice requires, persistence and discipline.

During this 2 hours seminar we will talk about:
1. How to get in the right mindset and the right attitude for having a successful dating life
2. How to create powerful and lasting attraction in men
3. Things to avoid in order to not accidentally ruin your chances with a good man
4. What is the right way of “choosing” a boyfriend
5. And much much more…

A limited number of places is available so take the chance now and reserve your place by writing an email to: Protected content
Date and Time: 1st of October at 19.30pm
Location: 54, Rue de Neudorf, L Protected content , Luxembourg

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