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Software/IT Job Prospects (Lay of the Land) (Luxembourg)

Hi all,

I may be moving to Luxembourg in a few months (from the USA) but have no sense of the labor market for software/IT jobs there. I may not get a chance to visit before moving, either. I have heard that, in general, Luxembourg is a pretty good place for software engineering jobs (with Amazon, iTunes, etc based there) given its size. However, I am not a very experienced developer and would be wary of moving there if job prospects are minimal. Perhaps if I describe my IT experience someone who has a lay of the IT land could respond and provide a sense of what's possible and realistic? Please note that I am not, at this point, looking for a specific job - just general advice about the field in Luxembourg. Many thanks!

(Note: I am an EU citizen so I do not think visa issues apply here)

If I move to Luxembourg, I will have Protected content experience as a web developer, in particular working with Rails, Ruby, and some JavaScript. So I won't be a complete beginner by any means, but nor will I have years of experience under my belt. My guess is I would be searching for a junior development/engineering position somewhere. I have a PhD in a non-technical discipline (history of science/medicine), so I'm not sure that's relevant, though it might mean that I can pursue other options outside of IT.

Thanks for any advice you may have!

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