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Speed Networking Feedback (Luxembourg)

Hi Speed Networking participants and all,

We conducted our first Speed Networking on Thursday at Marx Bar with 12 participants who met with each other for 3 minutes.

The intention was two-fold:
1) See if there is any real interest for this kind of event, which we discovered there is.
2) Learn how to conduct the event in the best way for it to be fun in a comfortable atmosphere. For this purpose we handed out a questionnaire.

The 5 tick-box questions were all about personel preferences on Speed Networking events, and the conclusion is as follows:

Preferences: People would like to meet 15 other participants for 4 minutes with the session lasting 60 minutes in total. Thursdays and Fridays at 19:00 is the best time.

Non preferences: People would not like to meet below 5 or above 25 participants. The presentation should not be 2 minutes only or above 6 minutes. They would not like to meet on Mondays or as late as 20:30.

The detail results can be seen separately in the next post.

We already know that it is neccesary to do a couple of things on organizing, like having Speed Networking posters and better descriptions on the event invitation and at the event itself about how this works.

Since I was standing with the stop watch, I was not listening in on any conversations, so any feedback you have on the conversation as such, would be great, to improve the particpant´s event experience for the next time.

One impression I had, was that people would have preferred having two different theme groups. One for BUSINESS and one for SOCIAL. Can any of the participants or others confirm this?

Any feedback is appreciated.

Have a nice weekend everybody :-)

Kind regards,

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